Pinterest Curls:

Today we’re talking about those flawless curls on Pinterest that seem so hard to do but they are actually very easy! And in my opinion they even work better on somewhat dirty hair with the use of dry-shampoo, making it even easier! For me, I have long, thick hair. So I use an extra long curling iron for mine. Medium to short hair could use a one inch barrel curling iron. Ok, so, part the hair like you normal wear it in the front then do it all the way down the back. Take big sections, wrap the hair around the curling iron, (like you would a wand) Hold for a few seconds, then take another big section and repeat until you have curled the whole head. Spray a little hairspray then run your fingers through all of your hair and walla! (will post pictures soon)!


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I'm a wife, mom, licensed Master Barber and Disney lover.

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