I’ve decided to start this blog to inspire and in courage other moms, that aren’t the perfect cookie cutter moms, but are still trying their best to raise good humans.

Also a licensed master barber so bringing some hair tips your way!


Let’s talk Disney!

 For the last several years my family and I have chosen Disney World as one of our annual Vacation spots! Our last visit was January 2017. This time we chose to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was wonderful! Its true there were giraffes right outside our window! The Animal Kingdom Lodge is located approximately 5 minutes from Animal Kingdom and 15 minutes from the other parks. 

 So here is a list of some tips and tricks that I find useful:

   .1. The Disney app is a must have, there you can plan out your day right from your smart phone. The app allows you to make Fast Passes, which gives you a time frame that you can enter the ride without waiting in the line. It allows you to make 3 at first but after you have used those you can continue to make more! Its a lifesaver to avoid those dreaded long lines!

 2.I recommend the dining plan. With my family of four it was nice to have our meals all planned out. Make reservations in advance! They fill up fast. Some of our favorite restaurants are The Tusker House, Crystal Palace, Hollywood and Vine, and Mickeys Backyard BBQ.

 3. Park hoppers! Having a park hopper ticket means you can “park hop” whenever you want. For instance if one park closes earlier then the other you can hop back over and finish out your night. Some parks have different parades and shows starting at different times and its nice to be able to go and come as you please.

 4. The Magical Extras! There are so many extra activities that you can add on to your vacation package making your vacation even more magical! We did a scavenger hunt inside Magic Kingdom, your tour guide takes you around on an adventure throughout you get to jump on a ride without waiting, play games, and meet a rare character!

Pinterest Curls:

Today we’re talking about those flawless curls on Pinterest that seem so hard to do but they are actually very easy! And in my opinion they even work better on somewhat dirty hair with the use of dry-shampoo, making it even easier! For me, I have long, thick hair. So I use an extra long curling iron for mine. Medium to short hair could use a one inch barrel curling iron. Ok, so, part the hair like you normal wear it in the front then do it all the way down the back. Take big sections, wrap the hair around the curling iron, (like you would a wand) Hold for a few seconds, then take another big section and repeat until you have curled the whole head. Spray a little hairspray then run your fingers through all of your hair and walla! (will post pictures soon)!